Pedestrian Magazine, Launch & Reading Room, (March 2018)
Pedestrian is a bi-monthly publication that finds value in the accumulation of accounts, routines, and relationships that are formed as a result of traveling throughout one’s everyday surroundings.
        The release of Pedestrian 01 features a provisional reading room assembled by Wolfe with a collection of books and ephemera found at bookstores, thrift stores, and private collections. A seating structure has been fabricated in reference to flower stands seen outside of many bodegas in NYC.        With special musical performance by Gambian brothers Ebrima Jassey on balafon xylophone and Salieu Suso on kora harp. Collages generously provided by Pedestrian 01 contributor by Jen Shear.

Pedestrian Magazine 02, (August 2018)   

Pedestrian Magazine 03, (December 2018)